Once the client validated the project itself, he also had to validate the design and the brand identity for the booth. Kigh with C2B-concept had prepared 2 kinds of design lines and with Second Life, it was also very easy to feel the power of those two lines.

The first design line was based on the association if the brand with working people. Pictures of men and women mixed with texts and slogans.
I personnaly thought the integration of human being was making the environment more friendly, and balancing the coldness of the media, but when we integrated it with a lot of images of real people around and the usual traffic that you can have in this kind of show, it really looked like a bit messy. Maybe in the future, that will be like choosing the skin of your website... you woud be able to choose to make business in the environment you like the best !

This is why the second line seemed to work much better, being just pure and dynamic lines that would really enhanced the booth, and do not raise the cognitive charge of the visitor. And honestly, that worked perfectly in second life as in real life.

It would also work with the brand itself that also value other brands that are in their group, like Enteo, NetInstall etc.. Actually this design line was helping to read the text and messages that were scattered on all the walls of the booth.

The furniture were very contemporary, so not so complicate to reproduce with normals linked prims. I just included some sitting animations and scripts to adjust to SL, and added some furniture in the same idea, like the PDF displays, and there we are. We were ready to concentrate on the welcome area and integrate videos and sounds.

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