The complexity of the project was not on the booth itself but on the obstacles linked to a business to business operation inworld :
- the downloading of an exterior application inside a company system (network restrictions)
- the first apprehension of the second life viewer to newcomers who come for a business reason in SL

To work with this we have used a few tricks :

The audience of clients and prospects were encouraged to come to the SL booth in an emailing invitation and with the other printed materials that were used by the company. The website was describing the procedure to enter in the SL booth, for people would never had entered in Second Life before.

To avoid the complexity of opening accounts, we had created a few clients avatars that the audience could use to get direcly to the booth. The sale force could then take contact to give them login and password and wait them at the entrance to show them the first steps, before talking business !

I also had created a learning zone at the entrance with reading and audio messages to learn how to walk, zoom, chat or take an object. That was easy for some and more complicated for others...

The important thing for us was not to create any frustrations so people feel OK with Second life, and of course with the brand FrontRange. A lot of them were quite surprise and for some it was a real revelation ! 

Once the main operation was over, I left a few nice robots (not bots) on the booth that could help to understand the place. 

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