The project was designed for the C2B agency of Hambourg who was in charge of the marketing strategy and developement for the creation of the FrontRange booth for the CEBIT 2008. 
They had include in the global project the creation of a booth in Second Life which had to be the exact copy of the real booth made for the CEBIT Hanover show in order to meet 3 goals :

- Train and educate the Marketing and international booth Staff from UK, Austria, Germany and US, for the real Event, without visiting the real booth before
- Prepare the sales force to rehearse in a real 3D virtual environment
- Propose clients and prospects who couldnt come to the CEBIT to meet with the sale force in the virtual booth.

The idea of C2B was that to optimize the investment of the presence of the company around and during the CEBIT show, by prolonging the use of the real material in virtual world. In a second row it was to validate for the company the use of virtual worlds in the go green process and especially in meetings online that they could eventually reproduce on a long term.
The project aimed to :
- recreate the booth exactly as it was for the CEBIT
- put in perspective the solutions offered by FrontRange Inc to its clients and prospects
- offer an interactivity related with the rest of the webmarketing
It was a marketing oriented project, and the target was techno-oriented people.

The creation of the FrontRange Inc site in Second Life would have to be an exact replica of the real one and should reflects the brand, concepts, products and values of the FrontRange Inc. thru the use of a virtual world, technology, & interactivity.
The building was made by the architecture 2D and 3D plans which allows me to build by the pixel , the exterior as the interior of the booth.

The virtual booth once it was built was also a way to validate the reality before the production was made of the real one, and train the international marketing staff.

The sale force would rehearse in it as it would be real, finding the best position for the discussions, materializing the possible points of contacts. It also leaded to a better team building before the show creating a team spirit.

The complexity of the project was not on the booth itself but on the obstacles linked to a B to B operation inworld :
- the downloading of an exterior application inside a company system (network restrictions)
- the first apprehension of the SL viewer to newcomers who come for a business reason in SL

The bridge to the real world during and after the show was built thru url links that visitors could call from all informations objects, uploading PDF also, or buzzing a contact in SL. Many contacts were achieved thru the Front Range booth in Second Life.

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