Creating the FrontRange booth was a lot of pleasure since I was given all the instructions thru the architects plan and some 3D projections thru jpg and pdf documents.

As I told earlier, the SL booth had to be exactly the same dimensions and proportions than the real one, which meant for me to really figure correctly the heigth of the avatars so the general impression at the end would be the exactly same that in the real booth.

The first benefit of this experience was to forced me to work with coordinates which I am naturally not so fanatic. I guess this is a question of brain preferences ! I admit the exercice was really interesting and grateful, because building was going quick, and modifications were easy.

When I finally designed the main structure, I could concentrate on the details and furnitures, and I used for this a super presentation in 3D, I could manipulate from anywhere to see the angles, the corners, and all the views people could have depending on where they stand or sit. I could zoom on the details and re-create exactly any objects at the exact position where they would be.  

That was really fantastic and I really appreciated that Kigh helped me a lot on that because it made the work much more simpler and gave me the opportunity to concentrate on the functionnalities and interactions.

When the basic building work was done for the booth and the furnitures, Kigh and his agency started to test different creation concepts for the dressing of the booth. They finally choose to keep 2 main concepts that they would present to the client to help selling the project. I completed this by a small machimina movie that also convinced the final client that it was a really good project ! And it was definitely !!

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