For most of us, newbees time is far away... so far away that we even dont remember sometimes how long it took us to understand what was IM and chat mode, what to do with a blue menu that suddenly appear on the top right corner of the screen, how to sit correctly clicking on a poseball, zooming or even walking straight exactly to where we want to go... that were funny times and we took the time... 

For those business people who come to Second Life for collaborative practises, this is not so funny !! Because in general, once they have resolved the problem of uploading the viewer on their machine though firewalls etc.. , they have not so much time to dedicate to learning how to make the best of their Second Life visit. Except if they are geek or videogamers, most marketing or communication people are totally "noooobs" and keep excusing themselves to be... We just wanted to avoid this feeling by creating those accounts. They did not have  then to go thru the orientation island and see themselves in clothes or skins they would not like... Kigh was very talented on this and really felt concerned in order for each avatar to be customized according to their profile, marketers, sales people and clients whom did not own an sl account or did want to simplify the first access. On another type of budget, we sure would have like to develop a customized solution, viewer and avatar under second life API, but this budget did not allow us to do it. Maybe next time !

As I explained in the concept, a part of the goals was to have the international marketing people and the sale forces to meet in the booth before the show, and interact virtually on a business level but also on a personnal one. Some people knew each other, some did not. It was certainly a nice way to meet and prepare the show. I do think it really created a very nice stimulation, as it did for the sale forces.  
In the few business projects I was associated to in Second Life,  I have noticed how suddenly, those people act funny, a little bit like children or old friends making good jokes, fun of themselves. In a certain way, training in SL, put them back to school, but the fun part of school. The personnalities express differently than in real life, as if the avatar was like a protection that allow themselves to be more natural. They are allowed to be clumsy, slow, or exactly the opposite. One will wait a robot to answer chat or voice, this other one will get stuck behind a wall, or does not know how to stand up anymore. .. In some ways, training in SL is also like sharing a mountain trip .. OK, I can already hear you, .. without the sensations... the pure air... the beautiful view... yes sure, nothing to really do with this... but I mean the effect on the team can be very similar.. People share something and here they would share something really new : learning to work in virtual worlds....

Once they would have experienced this kind of being and working, they sure would be able to  welcome their audience on the virtual booth.

And maybe become fan, like all of us !

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