Kigh Kline: ah, hi...good morning Clara
Kigh Kline: i just visited the CeBIT booth to get the statistics
Clara Young: and what are they ?
Kigh Kline: meanwhile there were 1530 Visitors until now..
Clara Young: on the booth ?
Kigh Kline: yes, ok , there were our visits also included...
Clara Young: incredible, are you are sure ?
Kigh Kline: if i take 400 visits back, coz that were we (building, adjusting and rehearsals...)
Kigh Kline: Unique visitors today = 1, yesterday = 2, total = 106 Peak unique visitors today = 1, Yesterday = 1, Total = 2 Visitor minutes on your land today = 1, Yesterday = 10, Total = 1530 Totals are for 78 days of monitoring Range of monitoring = 30 meters Memory = 9149

This discussion shows you the first way to measure results on our operation : the classic statistic sensor that Kigh had put on the parcel where the booth was hosted on Champs Elysees.
Kigh considers there were about 453 serious visitors on the booth and that the discussions the sales forces had with the second life visitors were serious, and that many leaded to contact in real life after this, so to say many sales opportunities which was one of the goals.

We also conducted a small qualitative enquiry on the booth with some survey stands, that were showing a real interest from the visitors on that kind of communication and contact from the client. Some clients were really enthousiastic and even wrote to me or Kigh to ask more about Second Life and how they could develop their own project.

And most of all, the FrontRange people were really satisfied of this and it really brought a new spirit to some of the team showing them new path of developping relationships into a professionnal environment. 

I do not consider myself like a real "evangelist" as we used to say about the Apple people, but sometimes I feel this way. When we think we convince maybe about 400 people that were discovering Second Life thru this operation, and maybe some of those people will really develop their real life activity with it, and maybe returns to Second Life to create something that will also brings something useful to the resident community. We cannot really track this and measure it, but I am sure this small action is one of those small stones that grows the future of collaboration thru virtual worlds, and maybe for the best. And in some ways, I really feel proud to be an actor of this process....

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